Brigadier General Arthur M. Manigault, 28th Alabama Infantry, CSA


  • October 26: Arthur Middleton Manigault was born in Charleston, SC to a prominent family. His father was Joseph Manigault and his mother Charlotte Drayton.


  • Arthur fought in the Mexican War.


  • April 15: Arthur married Mary Proctor Huger.
  • August 20: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Charleston, SC showed Arthur, a factor, and his new wife Mary living with her family.


  • April 22: Arthur applied for a passport for he and his wife in order to travel to Europe.


  • July 16: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Prince George Parish, Georgetown, SC showed Arthur, a planter, and Mary living with their two young daughters. Arthur had a personal wealth of $65,000 and his real estate was worth $25, 000.
  • July 18: The U.S. Slave Schedule shows A.M. Manigault of Prince George Parish owning 114 slaves.


  • April 10 Appointed as Captain and assigned to General Beauregard.
  • April 12:  Participated in the bombardment of Fort Sumter.
  • May 2: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
  • May 31: Commissioned as a Colonel in the Confederate Army at Shelbyville, Tennessee. Assigned to 10th South Carolina Infantry.


  • March & April: Field and Staff Muster Roll. Present.
  • June: Regimental Return. Taken in Tupelo, Mississippi. Remarks “Commdg. 4 Brigade Reserve Corps.”
  • October: Regimental Return. Present. Near Knoxville, TN. Remarks “In Command of 4 Brigade.”
  • November: Regimental Return. Murfreesboro. Remarks “In command of 4 Brigade.”
  • November & December: Field and Staff Muster Roll. Presence not stated.


  • January & February: Field and Staff Muster Roll. Remarks “In command of the 4 Brigade.”
  • March & April:  Field and Staff Muster Roll. Absent. Remarks “Commanding 4 Brigade Withers Division.”
  • April 18: Inspection Report for Withers’ Division. Remarks “Commanding Brigade.”
  • April 26: Appointed Brigadier General.


  • November 30:  Wounded severely at the Battle of Franklin.


  • January 27: The Charleston Daily News, Charleston, SC.


  • August 10: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Santee, Georgetown, SC showed Arthur, a planter, and Mary living with their three youngest children:  David, 3 years, Stephen, 2 and Mary 4 months old. Arthur’s wealth was listed as $4,550 in real estate and only $1,765 in personal estate. This was a dramatic drop from the 1860 Federal Census.


  • June 4: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Santee, Georgetown, SSC showed Arthur, a planter, and Mary living with children  Stephen, age 11, and Mary, 10.


  • Served as Adjutant and Inspector General for South Carolina.


  • August 17:  Arthur Manigault died of complications from his wound received at Franklin. He was buried at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC.
  • Article in The Watchman and Southron, Sumter, SC.