Edward Mauff, Private, Co. A, 72nd Illinois Infantry


  • January 6: Almost 17 year old Edward arrived in New York City via Argentina on the ship Westphalia.


  • The United States Federal Census taken on June 18th in West Creek, Lake County, Indiana shows Edward, a master shoe maker, and Amelia living with their 8 month old son Charles. Living in the household are other Mauff family members, perhaps siblings of Edward.


  • July 25: Edward enlisted into the United States Army.
  • August 21: Edward mustered into Company A, 72 Illinois.


  • November 30: Edward Mauff fought in the Battle of Franklin. He was positioned in the main line in front of the Carter Family smoke house.


  • August 7: Mustered out of the United States Army.


  • Chicago, Illinois City Directory lists “Mauff E. boot and shoemaker”


  • The United States Federal Census taken on July 1st in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois shows E. T., a shoe dealer, and Rosie living with their children: Charles, age 10, Josie, 2, Robert, 5 months. Also living with the family is a 14 year old girl named Alice Ramstein, possibly Rosalia’s sister.
  • Chicago City Business Directory lists E.T. Mauff as having a business at 259 Clark St.


  • October 8- 10: The Great Chicago Fire destroyed over 3 square miles of Chicago’s central business district, including the shoe store owned by Edward Mauff.
  • ***Between 1871 and 76 Edward Mauff registered for land in Colorado through the Homestead Act. ***


  • Denver, Colorado City Directory lists “Mauff, Edward T.” as being a boot and shoemaker.


  • The United States Federal Census taken on taken on June 7th in Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado shows Edward, a shoemaker, and Rosalie living with their children: Charles, age 20, Josephine, 11, Albert, 9, Augusta, 9 and Gertrude, 2.


  • July 11: Article in the Indianapolis News.
  • ***Throughout 1879-1883 Edward Mauff goes through many tribulations and trials. His wife attempts to have him institutionalized for his aggressive dangerous behaviors and he continually escapes from authorities and makes his way back home. Through his trials he is said to be a “very nice man” at times. He had bouts of extreme aggressive behavior, believing people to be after him. He would arm himself and say he needed to protect himself from those out to get him. He would exhibit odd behavior such as going into his yard and building fences only to tear them down once they were complete. He ended up being institutionalized permanently. He was incarcerated at the State Insane Asylum in Pueblo, Colorado***


  • The Colorado State Census taken on June 1st in Pueblo County, Colorado at the Insane Asylum shows inmate Ed Mauff, a shoemaker. He is listed as being “insane” on the census.


  • The United States Federal Census taken on June 8th in Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado shows a widowed, Rosalie, a florist, living on her own. She states she was married for 51 years.


  • May 27: Rosalie Mauff applies for a widows’ pension in California.