Goah Stewart, Captain, Co. K, 1st Missouri Confederate


  • Goah W. Stewart is born in Missouri.


  • August 2:  The United States Federal Census taken in Pemiscot County, Missouri shows 20 year old Goah, living with his father and siblings.


  • June 22: Enlisted in the Confederate Army in Memphis, Tennessee.


  • May 26: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant at the re-organization.
  • November & December: Company Muster Roll. Listed as 1st Lt. Co. H.. Remarks “Detached service assigned to duty in Co G.”


  • January & February:  Company Muster Roll.  Present.  Listed as 1st Sgt. Co. G. Remarks “signs roll (Goah Stewart) as comdg. The Co.”
  • May & June: Company Muster Roll.  Present.
  • July & August:  Company Muster Roll. Absent.  Remarks “Absent on furlough.”
  • September & October: Company Muster Roll.  Absent.  Remarks “Absent on furlough.”
  • November 22: Captured by US army in New Madrid County, Missouri. He was taken to Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • November & December:  Company Muster Roll.  Absent.  Remarks “Received furlough 24 July 1863 & has not reported back had information he is in Mo.”


  • January & February:  Company Muster Roll.  Absent.  Remarks “Received furlough 24 July 1863 & has not reported back had information he is in Mo.”
  • August 26: Promoted to Captain.
  • November 30: Fought in the Battle of Franklin.
  • December 17: Captured in Franklin, Tennessee during the Confederate retreat from Nashville.
  • December 27: Snippets from a letter written by Captain Stewart to his sister from Franklin, Tennessee.

            “Dear Sister Sallie,
            …I was wounded on the 30th of Nov. in a fight at this place. I am at Dr. Waldridge’s. Also Lieut. Foote, who is badly wounded in the right side. I have no language to express the thankfulness I feel for the kindness we have received from the young ladies and Dr. Waldridge and wife. They have taken us from the hospital and givenus a nice room in his house. They are moving the wounded to Nashville. We will be removed as soon as we are able to Nashville. And from there to prison.  
            …Ilost 4 men killed and 6 wounded in my Company in the fight at this place. Newton and Thomas was wounded, they are getting well. Col. Garland and Capt. Woodrich was killed.
            …I am wounded in both thighs, the ball passing thence and missed the bones..”


  • January 20:  Admitted to No. 1, US General Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Diagnosis:  Simple flesh wound of both thighs.
  • January 23: Forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky. Then he was immediately forwarded from Louisville to Fort Delaware 2 days later.
  • May: Signed his Oath of Allegiance. Description. Place of residence: Pemiscot County, Missouri.  Complexion: Dark,   Hair: Black,   Eyes: Gray, Height 5’6”, Remarks “Released May 30, 65 by order of Gen Grant.”


  • An undated United States Federal Census taken in Butler, Pemiscot County, Missouri shows Goah, a farmer and merchant, living with this wife Cynthia and their children: Carrie, 6 and Burr, 3. 


  • October 18: Appointed US Postmaster in Stewart, Pemiscot County, Missouri.


  • January 17:  Goah Stewart dies.