Hermann E. Hasse, Physician, 24th Wisconsin Infantry, USA


  • January: Hermann Eduard Hasse was born in Germany to parents Carl and Rosalie Hasse.


  • Hermann emigrated to the United States of America from Saxony, Germany.


  • July 21: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Greenfield, Milwaukee, WI showed 14-year-old Herman living with his parents, W.E. and Rosina Hasse.


  • The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Greenfield, Milwaukee, WI showed 23-year-old Herman, a student, living with his parents Edward and Rosalie Hasse and also a younger brother Trustgod, 5 yrs old.


  • November 30: Hermann ministered to the wounded of his regiment during and after the Battle of Franklin.

“McArthur ordered his remaining companies forward along with another regiment in the brigade. Arraying his line smartly, the major shouted above the rising din, “By the left flank, charge.” Just as his company changed direction, “a broadside to the left jaw” knocked down Sergeant Ford. The bullet struck him in the lower angle of the jaw, breaking a bone before tearing down into the collarbone and lodging in his chest. As his company rushed forward, Surgeon Herman Hasse kneeled beside the bleeding Irishman, cut loose the leather straps holding his accoutrements and the string that bound his blanket roll. Spreading out the woolen blanket, he ministered to the wounded sergeant.”
— The 24th Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War: The Biography of a Regiment By William J.K. Beaudot


  • June 10: Hermann mustered out of service to the U.S. Army in Nashville, TN.

ca. 1867

  • Hermann Eduard Hasse married Henrietta Sophia Adelaide.


  • August 26: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Valle, Jefferson, MO shows Hermann, a Physician, and Adelaide living with their daughter, Adelaide, 2 years.


  • June 15: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI showed Hermann, a physician, and Adelaide living with their children: Adelaide, 11, Elsa, 6, Hilda, 4 and Charles, 2.


  • Hermann Hasse registered to vote in Los Angeles, CA. Information given: Age: 52 Born: Germany, Occupation: Physician, Residence: 1015 Maple Ave., Naturalized: by naturalization of father.


  • The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Pacific Branch, Los Angeles, CA showed Hermann, chief surgeon, and Adelaide living with their children Hilda, age 20 and Carl E., 21. ***The Census was taken at the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. The Hasse family was listed among the Officers—Employees and their families: residents of home grounds. Dr. Hasse was an Allopath.***


  • April 26: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA showed Hermann E. and Adelaide, retired and living on their own income.


  • October 29: Hermann Eduard Hasse died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA.