James Clinton, Corporal, Battery G, 1st Ohio Light Artillery US


  • James H. Clinton is born to Irish immigrants John and Jane Clinton.


  • August 6:  The United States Federal Census taken in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio shows 20 year old James living with his parents and siblings. His father is a miller.  


  • December 5: James enlisted in the United States Army.
  • *Brothers Alexander and John also enlisted


  • December 28:  John’s brother Alex, who previously had been discharged from the army because of a wound, reenlisted in the army and was mustered into Battery G 1st Ohio Light Artillery with his brothers.


  • March 11:  James’ brother John who is also in Battery G is transferred to Battery M of the 1st Ohio Light Artillery.
  • November 30:  James is wounded at the Battle of Franklin. His brother Alex is also wounded.


  • June 14: James was mustered out of the army in Madison, Indiana.


  • September 30:  James Clinton dies in Cuyahoga County, Ohio and is buried at the Highland Park Cemetery.