Private Jarrett W. Kendall, Co. K, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles, CSA


  • Jarrett Kendall was born in Henry County, TN to Jephtha and Elizabeth Kendall.


  • Jarrett’s father Jephtha Kendall died and Elizabeth relocated her family to Independence County, AR.


  • July 20: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in White River, Independence County, AR showed Jarrett as a Farmer.


  • June 9: Jarrett Kendall enlisted in the C.S. Army in Fort Smith, AR. He is mustered in to the 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles.
  • June 30 to August 31: Company Muster Roll.  Present.           
  • August 31 to October 31:  Company Muster Roll. Presence not stated.
  • October 30: Jarrett’s brother John enlisted in the C.S. Army at Camp Sevier and mustered into the same regiment as Jarrett.
  • October 31 to December 31: Company Muster Roll. Absent. Remarks “Furlough at Hospital to 1st Mch 1862.”


  • March 1 to April 30: Company Muster Roll. Absent. Remarks “detailed to teams”
  • September & October: Company Muster Roll.  Remarks “Left sick at Knoxville & afterwards detailed as teamster.”
  • October 31 and November 30: Jarrett wass listed on a “receipt rolls” as receiving 20 days extra duty pay as a teamster.
  • November & December:  Company Muster Roll. Present.


  • December 31 to February 28:  Company Muster Roll. Present.
  • February 28 to April 30: Company Muster Roll.  Present. Remarks “Detailed Mar 16/63 for waggon [sic] master of Regt”
  • April 30 to June 30:  Company Muster Roll.  Present. Remarks “Detailed as wagon master of Regt”
  • July & August:  Company Muster Roll.  Absent. Remarks “Absent sick”
  • September & October:  Company Muster Roll.  Present.


  • January to August:  Company Muster Rolls. Present.
  • November 30: Brothers, Jarrett and John Kendall both foght at the battle of Franklin. Jarrett “saw his brother John shot down before his eyes, but was unable to reach him until the smoke and thunder of the terrible slaughter had cleared away, and left the battlefield to the dead. He returned at the earliest opportunity, and found him lying among the slain, and, far away from home and kindred, he buried him in a secluded spot near where he fell, with the vast field of battle as a monument to his bravery.” (source: History of Arkansas) 
    Jarrett himself, was wounded at Franklin.
  • December 17:  Jarrett is captured by the U.S. Army in Franklin.
  • December 26: Jarrett was admitted to No. 1 USA., Gen’l Hosp Nashville, Tenn. Diagnosis: “Simple fl. Wd. Lt. side abdominal sev.” Missile: “Can. Ball.”


  • January 23: Jarrett was released from hospital and forwarded to Provost Marshall in Nashville.
  • January 24: Jarrett is received at Louisiville, Kentucky and transferred to Camp Chase, OH the next day and then on to City Point, VA for exchange.
  • March 9: Admitted to Wayside Hospital (General Hospital No. 9) Richmond, Virginia. Diagnosis: “V S in back”


  • August 6: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Strawberry Township, Lawrence County, AR showed Jarrett, a farmer, and Mary living with their four children: Allen, John, Felix Susan and George. Jarrett has $900 in Real Estate and $1,500 other personal estate. Also living with the family was John’s mother, Elizabeth.


  • June 8:  The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Strawberry, Lawrence County, AR showed Jarrett, a farmer, living with his wife Mary and their three children, John, Susan and George.
  • Wife, Mary, died.


  • November 13: Jarrett Kendall married second wife Harriet I. Reed in Lawrence County, AR.


  • June 15: The U.S. Federal Census taken in Strawberry, Lawrence County, AR showed Jarrett, a farmer, and his wife living with their three youngest children: John, William George and Vida.


  • September 30:  Jarrett W. Kendall died. He was buried at Hillhouse Cemetery in Lawrence County, AR.
  • October 2: Daily Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, AR gave a little more insight into Jarrett’s death.
  • October 3:  Arkansas Democrat, Little Rock, Arkansas.

***Jarrett was a democrat, a missionary Baptist and Justice of the Peace.***