Private Rufus Weatherly, Co. F, 14th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA

The following timeline is 1 member of the Weatherly family, who had at least 6 family members fighting on the field at Franklin: James, Houston, Rufus, William, Wright and Elial. Brothers and cousins.


  • February 24: Rufus Weatherly was born to parents Wright and Ann Weatherly in Madison County, TN.


  • September 6: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Denmark, Madison County, TN showed 11 year old Rufus living with his parents, Wright and Ann, and his siblings: Caroline, Mary, Robert, William, Wright, Houston, Nancy, John and Alexander. His father was a farmer and owned $1000 in real estate.


  • May 15: Rufus’ brothers Houston and Robert enlisted in the C.S. Army in Jackson, TN. They both mustered into Co. K of the 6th TN Infantry.


  • March 10: Rufus’ cousins, who lived on the neighboring farm, Elial and Lucius enlisted in the C.S. Army in Jackson, TN. They mustered into Co. L, 6th TN Infantry. His brother James enlisted on the same day and was later mustered into the 51st TN Infantry.


  • July 8:  Rufus and 3 of his brothers: William, James and Wright, joined the C.S. Army in their hometown of Denmark, TN. They mustered into Co F 14th Cavalry. Enlisting might not have been voluntary, during the summer of 63’ Gen. N. B. Forrest was conscripting soldiers throughout West Tennessee.
  • November 25: Rufus’ brother John T. Weatherly was killed in action at the Battle of Missionary Ridge.


  • August: Rufus was wounded in battle and his brother Wright carried him off the field, losing his gun in the process.
  • November 30: Rufus and his brothers Houston, William, James and Wright, as well as his cousin Elial “Boss” Weatherly fought in the Battle of Franklin. His company was dismounted and advanced on the western flank in support of General Bate’s men. They were taking substantial fire from the U.S. Army. James Weatherly was killed in action.
  • December 16: Boss Weatherly, Rufus’ cousin, was captured while fighting in the Battle of Nashville.


  • June 5: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Madison County, TN showed R.A., a farmer, and his wife Ruth living with their 6 children.


  • June 28: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Clark, Greene County, AR showed Rufus, a farmer, living with his wife, Ruth and daughter Edna. Rufus’ brother Wright lived with the family as well. Both brothers are farmers, but Wright is the only landowner.


  • July 31: Rufus A. Weatherly died in Greene County, AR. He was buried at the New Friendship Cemetery in Paragould.
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