The Carter Outbuildings


A century and a half ago November 30 became an indelible part of Franklin’s history. Since 1951 when Carter House was saved and subsequently opened to the public, there have been many people and groups that have worked to preserve this important story. They have done so through battlefield reclamation, the care of historic structures, and telling the stories of thousands of Americans who were impacted by the Battle of Franklin.

The Battle of Franklin Trust has partnered with the Tennessee Historical Commission to secure the aging Carter outbuildings. The farm office and smokehouse have both been impacted by time and the elements. They risk further deterioration unless we do something now. Additionally, the slave cabin needs to be moved to a more historically accurate location on Carter House property so that we may better interpret slavery at the site. Generous donors have helped achieve the initial goal to begin repair on the historic buildings. Funds are still needed to get them open to the public, and broaden the daily presentation of the battle, the Carter family, and slavery.

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