History Summer Camp


June 18-20 and July 16-18

In these camps (offered in June and July), children will learn about soldier camp life, civilian life during the war, and the families that lived in the homes through demonstrations, contests, trips and prizes. It is an educational and fun experience that allows children to dive into the history of the Civil War.

See camp descriptions and schedules below.

Camps are for ages 8-12
Cost of Camp: $160.00/per camper
Camps run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Snack and water provided, campers are required to bring lunch. If your child has allergies please let us know.

Limit: 25 per camp

For inquiries, please contact Sarah Falck, Education Coordinator at sarah@boft.org or (615) 905-0692.

June 18-20: Life in the 1800s

Learn about the lives of all people in Tennessee during the 1800s. A mock archaeology dig, field trips, crafts, and exploring the homes and grounds of the McGavock’s and Carter’s helps campers step back into time. Students will learn about gardening, the Underground Railroad, and African American musical influences through a special program led by Dr. Naima Johnston!

Schedules may change slightly due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Tuesday (at Carnton):

  • How do we find out information on history?

  • Mock archaeology dig

  • Letters from people in Franklin

  • 1800s games

  • Learning about the McGavocks: Touring Carnton house and grounds

  • Learning about gardens and painting flower pots

  • Snack: Homemade ice cream

Wednesday (at Carter House):

  • How do we learn about history? At the Williamson County Library

  • Learning about the Carters: Touring Carter House and grounds

  • Tour the Old, Old Jail

  • Tour the McLemore House

  • Planting herbs

  • Snack: popsicles

Thursday (at Carnton):

  • Spirituals with Dr. Naima Johnston

  • Learning about the Underground Railroad

  • Creek (please bring appropriate shoes)

  • Snack: biscuits and cornbread with homemade butter

July 16-18: Life During the Civil War

During the three days of camp, campers will learn about the Civil War and the Battle of Franklin. March and drill, perform a mock amputation, and explore Franklin through field trips to Federal field hospitals and the Williamson County Archives. Even make your own regimental flag!

Schedules may change slightly due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Tuesday (at Carnton): 

  • Enlisting in the Army

  • Learning about the McGavocks and Carnton: Touring Carnton house and grounds

  • Learning how to march and drill

  • Creek (please bring appropriate shoes)

  • Snack: Biscuits and cornbread with homemade butter

Wednesday (at Carnton):

  • Learning about the Battle of Franklin

  • Making your own regimental flag

  • Learning about hospitals and women during the war

    • Mock amputations

  • Snack: Hard Tack with popsicles

Thursday (at Carter House):

  • Visiting the Williamson County Archives

  • Touring downtown Franklin: Visiting a Federal field hospital

  • Learning about the Carters: Touring the Carter House and Grounds

  • 3:00 - 3:30 pm: Marching and Drilling Demonstration for parents at Carter House

  • Snack: Making Ice Cream

Summer Camp Interns:

Internships are available to high school and college students over the age of 16. Internships are either 1 camp session or 2 camp sessions. Interns are required to help out with planning and preparation of camp as well as develop and lead group activities. For further information or to submit a resume please contact Sarah Falck at (615) 905-0692 or sarah@boft.org.

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