Sylvester Cooper, Co. D, 46th Tennessee Infantry


  • Sylvester Cooper is born in April.


  • November 29: Enlisted in the Confederate Army in Paris, Tennessee. Elected Captain.


  • April 7: Taken Prisoner of war at Island No. 10.
  • April 13: Appears on a list of commissioned officers and servants, prisoners of war, who arrived at Camp Chase, Ohio from Island No. 10.
  • April 24: Appears on a descriptive roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Chase Ohio. Remarks “transferred to Johnson’s Island”  
  • September 1: Appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War at Depot Prisoners of War, near Sandusky, Ohio. Remarks “sent to Vicksburg”
  • September 29: Company Muster Roll. Present.


  • October 21: Appointed Major.


  • August 18: Appears on an Inspection Report in the field near Atlanta Georgia.
  • September 15: Appears on an inspection report for Quarles’ Brigade, Walthall’s Division, Stewart’s Corps, Army of Tenn., commanded by Brig. Gen. Wm. A. Quarles. Report taken near Lovejoys Station, Georgia.
  • October 24: Company Muster Roll. Camp Cummings near Mobile, Alabama. Present. Age: 32
  • November 30: Major Cooper is wounded at Franklin, Tennessee and captured by U.S. forces.
  • ***Quarle’s men hit the main US line right at Casement’s brigade.***
  • December 3: admitted to General Hospital No. 1 in Nashville, Tennessee. Diagnosis “Simple fl wd of Rt hip liser”  Missile: Can Ball


  • January 25: Appears on a report of field officers of regiments of Quarles Brigade commanded by Brig. Gen. Geo. D. Johnston, near Verona, Mississippi. Absent. Prisoner of War.
  • May 6: transferred to General Hospital No. 2. Sylvesters age is written down as 38.
  • May 13: Signs Oath of Allegiance in Nashville, Tennessee. Place of Residence: Henry County, Tennessee, Complexion: fair, Hair: dark, Eyes: gray, Height: 5’11”.


  • The United States Federal Census taken on June 12th  in Henry County, Tennessee shows S.C. Cooper, a farmer, and his wife Mary A., living with their daughter Lura L., age 12. A child by the name of Edward Cooper also lives with the family and he is listed as a laborer…not a son.


  • The United States Federal Census taken on June 18th in Henry County, Tennessee shows a widowed Sylvester, a farmer, living on his own farm with lodgers.