Tilford M. Forsee, 24th Battallion Tennessee, Sharp Shooter, CSA


  • Tilford Monroe Forsee is born in Humphreys County, Tennessee.


  • October 28: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Humphreys County, TN showed Tilford, a school teacher, living in his father’s household.


  • July 28: The U.S. Federal Census enumerated in Humphreys County, TN showed Tilford living with his father and sister.


  • September 7: Tilford enlisted in the C.S. Army in Waverly, TN.


  • December 1: Promoted to 2 Lieutenant (from Sergeant).


  • February 28: Paid.
  • March & April: Company Muster Roll. Present. Remarks “Acting quarter master for the Battalion.”
  • July & August: Company Muster Roll. Present. Remarks “Promoted (to 1 Lieut) August 15th to fill the vacancy caused by the promotion of Lt. H. M. McAdoo.”
  • September to December: Company Muster Roll. Present.


  • January & February: Company Muster Roll. Present.
  • February 1: Appeared on list of quartermasters on duty with The Army of Tennessee. Remarks “acting quartermaster”
  • March & April: Company Muster Roll. Present.
  • November 30: Tilford Monroe Forsee was killed in action at the Battle of Franklin. ***Carter’s Brigade (24th, 4th Provisional) approached the Locust Grove and the Carter Garden.***
  • Tilford Monroe Forsee (Source: Forsee History; compiled by Lillian A. Forsee Davis, Ida Lee Forsee and Fannie Forsee Uselton.), born 1823; died November 30, 1864 in Battle of Franklin, Franklin, Tennessee/Franklin, Williamson Co., TN:
Tilford Monroe Forsee enlisted during the Civil War, September 7, 1861 at Waverly, Tennessee and served until he was killed on the breastworks during the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864. He was Sergent, 2nd Lieutenant, the 1st Lieutenant of Company A, 24th Battalion Tennessee Sharp Shooters, Confederate States Army. He was a school teacher by occupation and never married.

When Tilford was killed, Billy Slayton sent word to his father, Squire Travis Slayton, of his death. Squire Slayton went to Daniel Pierre Forsee. A cabinet maker by the name of Mr. Lumsden, who lived three miles west of the Forsee home, made the coffin.

Squire Travis Slayton, Martha Forsee Nolan(a sister of Tilford) with Big John, a Negro house boy in the Forsee home, drove to Franklin, Tennessee, for the body. It required three days and nights to make the trip, the roads were bad and they had trouble passing the picket lines. The only method of conveyance at the time was an ox wagon. Big John did the driving.

Upon their arrival in Franklin, Billy Slayton directed them to the shallow grave where the slain body lay buried. They found him buried with a comrade who was killed at the same time. Both bodies were wrapped in Tilford’s blanket. The men, with the help of Big John, removed the bodies, placed Tilford in the coffin they had carried with them, then replaced the unknown soldier in the grave, after prewrapping him in the same blanket.

Upon arrival home, the uniform was removed and civilian clothes placed on him. He was buried in the Forsee Cemetery, six miles south of McEwen, on Hurricane Creek.