Student Group Tours to Carter House & Carnton

We look forward to your class visiting Carter House, Carnton, or both! See below for details on pricing and school group tours. When you are ready to make a reservation, please fill out the request form below or contact Sarah Falck with a couple of dates in mind at (615) 905-0692 or Student group pricing applies to homeschool groups of all sizes. However, private tours will not be given for groups under 10.

Tours of more than 25 people may be divided into multiple groups. And, tours with more than 200 people may experience a “Blue and Gray Style” tour. “Blue and Gray” tours feature guides at various stations throughout the house and grounds where student groups can visit.

Carter House

Carter House tours are one hour long and feature the house, the outbuildings, and (weather permitting) the grounds. Guides lead the groups and tell about the Battle of Franklin as well as the Carter family, the enslaved people, and the farm.


Carnton tours are one hour long and feature the house, the outbuildings, and (weather permitting) the grounds and cemeteries. Guides lead groups through the tour and tell about the Battle of Franklin, the Confederate field hospital, the McGavocks, the enslaved people, the cemeteries, and the farm.

McLemore House

McLemore House tours are forty-five minutes long. Groups are led through the home and learn the story of Harvey McLemore, a formerly enslaved man, and the freedmen’s journey in Williamson County from Reconstruction through World War II.

Applicable Tennessee State Social Studies Standards

Updated 2020
Tennessee Standards most commonly covered on Carter House and Carnton student tours.
Coming Soon: When the new visitor center is built at Carter House, Early American and pre-Civil War development and politics will be covered too!

Cost per student, per site:

  • Kindergarten through 5th grade: $5.00

  • 6th grade through college: $8.00

  • Chaperones/Parents: $12.00 ($8.00 for McLemore House)

  • Teachers free*

*Homeschool groups with more than 8 students may have one free teacher.

Need help funding your field trip?

Apply for a grant through the Field Trip Fund from the American Battlefield Trust. Visit for more info.

Apply for the Target Field Trip Grant here:

Tours of McLemore House also available upon request.

Tour Add-On: “Slavery and Life in 19th Century Tennessee” 

Additional $2.00 per person (students and chaperones; no charge for teachers)
30 extra minutes added to the classic one-hour student tour
Available for all grade levels, kindergarten to college
Available at either Carter House or Carnton

An extra 30 minutes to focus on slavery and life in Tennessee in the 1800s: the tour covers everything from the lives of the enslaved people to the inner-workings of 19th century Tennessee farm life. 

This add-on, like all school group tours, is tailored to the grade level of your students. With younger students the focus will be on the chores of farm life and the daily duties of the enslaved. High school and college-aged students will receive a more in-depth view to the realities of the slave south.

Request a Student Group Tour Online

Please fill out the following form to request a visit to either Carter House, Carnton, or both. This form does not confirm your group visit - we will email or call to confirm your request. Please allow two business days to process your electronic request.

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Please arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled tour time to handle payment and have total number of students confirmed. Payment must be made on the day of the tour (unless paid in advance). We accept all major credit cards and checks. One payment combining both site admissions is acceptable if you are visiting both Carter House and Carnton.

Chaperones may pay separately, but please keep in mind that we have one register per site and multiple individual transactions may cause a delay.

We have ample space for parking and school bus drop-off/pick-up.

Students will be divided into groups of 30 or fewer, and tour guides will lead each group through the historic house and grounds. Learn about the Battle of Franklin and life in the 1860s through the eyes of the Carter and McGavock families.

There is ample outdoor space for eating lunch on the grounds, but you will need to provide blankets, trash bags, etc. All trash must be taken with you when you leave.

Students may visit the gift shop with their teachers’ permission.