Carter House Visitor Center & Museum


Through the efforts of our friends at the Tennessee Historical Commission (THC) and the Tennessee General Assembly, a new visitor center at the Carter House will begin construction in 2019. The basic construction will provide the proper space for orientation and a museum for the Battle of Franklin story to be told and interpreted for the next 40-50 years. But interpretation, and the cost associated with it, is up to us and we need your assistance to properly outfit, build out, and creatively and accurately accomplish three goals:

  • Teach people how the United States of America was founded, and how the fledging country split and careened toward civil war.

  • Teach people about the war, its cost, what happened at Franklin, why the battle is important, and how, when the war finally ended, slavery had been destroyed and the Union had been preserved.

  • Continue to teach, including those yet to be born but who will visit at some point in the future, why the American Civil War was indeed a “rebirth of freedom” and how it affects all of us – today and into the future.

Double your gift impact today. Due to the generosity of the Tennessee Civil War Heritage Area every gift directed to the new museum will be matched dollar for dollar up to $90,000.